Our story began 40 years ago, with a family who firmly believed in staff development and in on-going innovation.

Over the years, this philosophy has remained unchanged, even after the acquisition of the company by successful entrepreneurs, who continue to strive towards a single objective: working with plastic to shape marvellous creations.

Being proactive is an important strategic and diversification factor for Grimont. We follow each project specifically, suggesting the most suitable solutions to achieve the customer’s objectives: it is important that the customer finds new opportunities in our company and knows that we can solve problems.

Up to now

Today, Grimont is structured into two entities: one in the Province of Belluno and one in Slovakia. The Italian factory is organised in two departments: one dedicated to injection moulding and the other to more manual operations, such as the processing of cellulose acetate slab.

25 injection moulding machines, ranging from 20 to 200 tonnes, mould bi-injection, tri-injection and micro-injection parts in polyamide, acetate, propionate, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, TPE, PVC and many other technopolymers.

Best Company Star, the Slovakian company, on the other hand, specialises in the production of large batches, allowing a significant reduction in costs.

Quality, research and innovation

We dedicate maximum attention to every project, establishing a high-added-value relationship with the customer: from the initial encounter onwards, we listen to customers’ needs and adopt a customised, one-to-one approach at every stage of the process. A bespoke service to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

We assist the customer every step of the way, starting from the drawings and samples and continuing through the design and technical checking stages to the manufacturing of the product using latest-generation machinery and the quality control procedures.

We ensure that our plastic components and accessories are perfectly suited to the customer’s end product.

Our technical office is without doubt the key department in the company. The design engineers are on hand to offer qualified, cutting-edge, expert consulting services for the study and manufacture of unique, personalised, custom products, the result of on-going research into new projects and innovative materials.

The technical office receives constant support from the in-house workshop, specialised in maintenance and pro- cessing on the moulds.

The combination of superb craftsmanship skill and industrial innovation is the hallmark feature of Grimont, one of the leading lights of Italian enterprise.

Our continual investments in research and development have allowed us to develop and patent (n.0001411634) an injection moulding technology with a shading effect. This patent and this distinctive technology, which can be used in a variety of applications, is ideal for customising products and components by adding a touch of colour or a striking style detail.

It has been chosen by many manufacturers of accessories, costume jewellery, buckles and but tons, with highly successful results.


At its two locations in Italy and Slovakia, Grimont mainly manufactures injected rods and terminals. But also bi-colour or bi-material components, nosepieces, bridges, cilia, frontals, multi-injected parts and micro-injections. These are processes obtained by injecting different materials or materials of different colours, using the most advanced and effective specific technology.

Grimont is also able to offer solutions and components for technical, sporting or other sectors in which plastics processing plays an important role.


Purchasing of raw materials, logistics, production, commercial area and customer service.
Grimont firmly believes in the principle of enhancing the value of its staff, which is why we boast a structured and highly trained workforce.


Advanced technology equipment, market/sector diversification, research and development, compliance with quality standards, respect for the environment, the ability to combine tradition and innovation, and Made in Italy are aspects in which we constantly invest.

Machine park

Our company offers high-precision products, with each process complying with the design, performance, efficiency and quality standards requested by the customer. Every item made in our factories is produced using latest-generation machinery, in which we invest every year.

Moulding machines of different tonnage used for moulding all the materials used in our core business: polyamide, acetate, propionate, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, TPE, PVC and many other technopolymers.

In addition to a specialised in-house workshop, our factories are equipped with:

Machines for bending

CNC milling machines

Machines for the tumbling process

Injection moulding machines

Animating machines

3D printers

Order management

From order to delivery, precise electronic tracking

At Grimont, we have always been well aware of how the credibility and trust that partners place in our commitment is inextricably linked to the scrupulous adherence to deadlines and agreements. The product we are asked to produce must be executed without smearing and delays cannot be taken into account.

Our latest-generation MRP (material requirements planning) management system takes charge of the order, assigning a unique code, and follows each stage of the work, thanks to the precise updates, linked to each activity, performed by the staff.