Grimont Srl is an Italian company specialising in plastic injection moulding and acetate sheet processing. Grimont has a core business: designs and manufactures plastic components for high-end eyewear industry.

The goal of reaching ever higher quality heights has allowed us to tackle many other technical-industrial and aesthetic sectors. We successfully design and manufacture high-tech plastic components thanks to continuous investment in technology, human resources and company structures.

The aim of Grimont is to manufacture products of the highest quality and to deliver them with absolute punctuality,even when the demand is challenging.

We believe that the quality values typical of the Made in Italy concept are essential, so we decided to export them.

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A shot of creativity

Technological know-how and creative sensitivity mixed synergically to supply products that make the difference.

Round, squared, octagonal, green, red, shaded, melange, pearly effect, glitter, in virgin, recycled or biobased materials, the components we make are the most diverse and colorful, yet they share one thing in common: the high quality of performance and aesthetic result.

Grimont continues to expand its range of action from the original eyewear sector to different sectors that use small to medium-sized parts. In particular, our company has been able to translate the most advanced solutions implemented to meet the high-end requirements of the eyewear sector into winning results in the fields of fashion accessories, footwear, packaging. We are ready to face the challenges of new markets.


Our production

Avana effect – Patent No. 0001411634

Recently Grimont patented a process that allows injecting simultaneously two materials inside the mold. The Avana effect is obtained, I.e., a spotted aesthetic generally achieved by painting.

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The importance of sustainability

Environmental awareness is of great importance to Grimont. We are constantly looking for new recyclable and recycled materials to experiment with. A particularly interesting project in this regard concerns The Ocean Cleanup eyewear: a Danish company retrieves the nets and plastic waste abandoned in the ocean, recycles the material, turns it into granules and we print frames.

ISCC-PLUS-Cert-IT206-548 Certification Sustainability

Sectors in which we operate

Throughout its history, Grimont has been able to evolve, identifying new fields of application for its processes, with the aim of continuously improving the technical and quality standard of its processes and products.

Having access to innovative skills and technologies has allowed us to increase our specialisation and to apply them also to sectors outside eyewear, in increasingly competitive global markets.













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