Grimont’s expertise has grown and expanded to its current development of a “global” savoir-faire, in the area of eyewear components, and not just in plastic. It boasts designing and manufacturing capacity that goes beyond the eyewear world.

The cutting edge between consultancy and production

Grimont manufactures a wide range of standard items. But it is able to handle all of the needs of a continuously evolving market, developing components based on specifications expressed by customers.

The company’s organization, starting from a state-of-art technical department, can offer expert and specialized advice to design and create custom items, the result of a constant search for new solutions and innovative materials.

Ideas and technical capabilities: the customer is efficiently assisted in all project phases, starting from the design to samples, entrusted to cutting edge means in the design area and technical test laboratory, where technical parameters are established and checked.

Every single operation is performed and controlled by in-house staff, in the premises and laboratories of Grimont’s production units, where the latest generation of systems and machines are used.

The systems used for production include bi-material and vertical moulding machines, core shooting machines for temples and tips, numerically controlled machines for milling up to 5 axes, planing machines for temples in plastic or sheets, machines for bending, end milling and machines for tumble finishing, which control the last production phases. This is all followed and handled by an efficient internal specialized plant.

The process is completed with a scrupulous quality control performed in a specific laboratory which uses microscopes and dimension and roughness testing instruments.

Grimont is now ready for prompt delivery of the lot.


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