precision and high end design

Our company offers high-precision products, with each process complying with the design, performance, efficiency and quality standards requested by the customer.

Every item made in our factories is produced using latest-generation machinery, in which we invest every year.

This currently includes:

  • vertical,
  • horizontal,
  • bi-material,
  • twin, triple
  • micro-injection 

Moulding machines of different tonnage used for moulding all the materials used in our core business: ​polyamide, acetate, propionate, ABS,​ polycarbonate, TPU,​TPE, PVC​and many other technopolymers.

In addition to a specialised in-house workshop, our factories are equipped with:

  • core temple shooting machines,
  • numerically controlled machines for milling up to 5 axes
  • Tumble finishing racks
  • Machines for bending, end milling, rounding and thickening.
  • Prototyping 3D printers


Grimont has entered into high-level partnerships with leading companies in the various areas of production, overseeing quality not only in-house but also outside of our own factories.

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