Craft tradition. Vision in the future.

In the small but great world of eyewear and components for glasses, starting from temples and tips in plastic made with special processing, ideas come naturally to Grimont. And for a range of good reasons.

Grimont is a relatively young company, but in its thirty years it has become a secure, reliable partner and in many cases irreplaceable for many of the major glasses brand, around the world.

It started out with an undeniable advantage, it was founded in the heart of the great tradition of Belluno’s eyewear industry. Grimont’s team has been able to successfully combine culture, passion and craft creativity with a completely Italian and Venetian attitude year after year aimed at innovating technologies and practices,

finding better suited solutions and materials, dimensioned to market changes, increasingly focused on customer requests.

Polymer injection moulding and cellulose acetate sheet processing. Grimont manufactures a wide range of items for eyewear.

But it is the continuous search for cutting edge technological solutions that has made the company currently able to meet the needs of other industry markets: automotive, medical, packing, cosmetics, household products, electrical components, etc.

This is what has made Grimont the precise point of reference that we know today, for its own and other industries.


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