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Quality. We dedicate maximum attention to every project, establishing a high-added-value relationship with the customer: from the initial encounter onwards, we listen to customers’ needs and adopt a customised, one-to-one approach at every stage of the process.

A bespoke service to guarantee the quality of the finished product. We assist the customer every step of the way, starting from the drawings and samples and continuing through the design and technical checking stages to the manufacturing of the product using latest-generation machinery and the quality control procedures, ensuring our plastic components and accessories are perfectly suited to the customer’s end product.

Research and innovation. Our technical office is without doubt the key department in the company.


The design engineers are on hand to offer qualified, cutting-edge, expert consulting services for the study and manufacture of unique, personalised, custom products, the result of on-going research into new solutions and innovative materials.

The technical office receives constant support from the in-house workshop, specialised in maintenance and processing on the moulds.

The combination of superb craftsmanship skill and industrial innovation is the hallmark feature of Grimont, one of the leading lights of Italian enterprise.

Our continual investments in research and development have allowed us to develop and patent (n.0001411634) an injection moulding technology with a shading effect.

This patent and this distinctive technology, which can be used in a variety of applications, is ideal for customising products and components by adding a touch of colour or a striking style detail. It has been chosen by many manufacturers of accessories, costume jewellery, buckles and buttons, with highly successful results.

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