Reliability and efficiency at Grimont mean the ability to completely satisfy our customer’s requests and expectations, in terms of the product. In a highly competitive scenario, the possibilities for success on the market depend increasingly on the details and performance of glasses. Beauty, style, keeping up with trends, but also robustness, duration and a comfortable and precise fit. For this reason we rely on both the excellent skills of all of our team and the best technologies in all processing phases. The specific ones, currently available in the eyewear industry and the most indicated for treating plastic and all the other materials we use.

Eyewear parts and plastic moulding

The two Italian and Slovakian Grimont sites mainly produce injected temples and tips. But also bi-colour or bi-material components, nosepads, bridges, upper rims, special multi-injection moulded and micro-injected moulded fronts, glasses in acetate and glasses in acetate and metal.

Grimont’s most natural specialization is expressed in bi-injection and multi-injection moulded eyeglasses parts, obtained by injection moulding various materials or different colours with use of the most advanced and effective specific technology. Grimont is able to also produce solutions and components for technical and sports equipment, as well as for other sectors where processing plastic plays an important role.



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