Order Management

An accurate digital record, from the order to delivery.

We are very aware at Grimont, and always have been, how our credibility and the confidence our partners have in our commitment are tied to two things: scrupulous compliance with lead times and agreements. The product we are asked for must be made without burrs and delays cannot be taken into consideration.

Organization and management system

Our latest generation management system MRP (material requirements planning), handles the order, assigning an unequivocal code, and follows each work phase thanks to accurate updates connected to the work performed by staff. From the purchase of raw materials to logistics, via the modern manufacturing plant and with the assistance of the sales area, that handles customer service.

This enables each module or production quantity to obtain a real id card, which is enhanced step by step. Each department and all of the operators are able to check the status and position of an order at any time. Thus we can follow its processing, and are able to accurately report on it and guarantee maximum accuracy and promptness in processes and delivery, which also improves the internal organization and sustainability of all work flows.


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